Attitude Makes All the Difference!

The first ten seconds can mean the difference between gaining or losing a client

Reception Plus – the most sought after company for receptionist training

Receptionist Training Coaching Development

If you're seeking training for a new receptionist, or want to encourage an experienced person,
we can help. We’ve been providing training for receptionists for 15 years.

Training is provided through informative, uplifting Online Webinars.

Who will benefit? Your staff, your business, your clients.


  • To promote efficiency and professionalism
  • To increase confidence and self-esteem
  • To motivate and encourage
  • To assist with all aspects of reception


  • Appreciation of significance to the company
  • Awareness of importance of a good first impression
  • Motivation to achieve excellent results consistently
  • Tools to aid in performance of duties as receptionist


Shorthand Course

Request a link to our Introduction Video - Email or Phone - 0431 41 51 61

New SHORT Course

We'll teach you 100 outlines you can use with your longhand when taking notes - 4 webinars & videos for $100 total.

Request a paragraph showing outlines amongst longhand - Email or Phone - 0431 41 51 61

Webinar Titles

First Impressions
Calls & Clients
Converting Enquiries
Handling Multiple Calls
Time Management
Managing Difficult People

We can hold webinars at a time and date that suits you.

$50 per webinar, not per participant.

Email or Phone - 0431 41 51 61